Add More Life To Your Computer Training.

Our Computer Education Center is one of the largest, most respected training facilities in Saurashtra. We are dedicated to providing the best computer training value to individuals, small businesses, and large corporations.

Learning Is A Snap.

Why? Because our philosophy is different from most computer training organizations. We don’t believe in “watch me do this” training. We don’t spend countless hours taking students step-by-step through voluminous manuals. And we rarely use overhead projectors. Too boring. At the Computer Education Center, we believe in active learning. We make every minute of training relevant to the student. Classes are small. Training is interactive. Instructors bring real-world experience to the classroom, using fine-tuned methods and curriculums, everyday language, even humor, to help students cut through techno-jargon and get a full hands-on experience. As a result, our classes click right along; students learn faster and retain more.

Lots Of Classes? Of Course.

We offer more than 20 international courses covering more than 80 networking and cloud computing. our classes are conveniently scheduled during the year. We’ll even tailor classes to your needs and schedules.

We’ve Clicked With A Lot Of Companies.

Over 1000 businesses trust us to provide the quality training they need. Our training is fast, affordable, reliable, relevant and guaranteed.


No. 1 Training Institute

ACS – aim career solutions is a No.1 Professional Training institute of International Computer Certification.


Certified Courses

We provide certified courses for cutting edge technologies like CISCO, VMware, MICROSOFT


Be At The Top

We follow powerful learning techniques. Students from our institute always be at the Top and have bright future.